new construction insulation
retro-fit insulation
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blown-in attic insulation


At Thomas Insulation we are here to help you get your Return-on-Investment. You have purchased that new Heating and Cooling unit, now you need that cooled or heated air to stay in your home or office. With Owens Corning insulation placed in the walls, ceiling and more, we can help you to save every hard-earned penny you can.


In addition to new insulation, Thomas insulation can “retro” insulation into your existing home. Attics are the main source of energy loss in your home. Obviously that energy loss translate into lost money, as well as wasting our valuable natural resources. Our crew members are well versed with installing insulation into your existing walls, attics or crawlspace.


Insulation isn’t just about keeping warm (or cool) any more, it’s about energy efficiency. We use more energy in a home than we ever have, so we need to save money where we can too!

Not sure what your needs are? Please call and schedule an energy audit with us to see where your dollars are escaping thru leaks or underperforming areas of your home or business.