We provide our customers with the proven name in insulation. Owens Corning products have the longest track record of any product available. It’s what we have in our homes to provide energy savings and comfort for OUR familes. Why would we do less for our customers? By having Thomas Insulation install Owens Corning in your home, you also can have peace of mind for the health and safety of your family!


Getting your existing home to be energy efficient can be a challenge. We can offer a retro-fit into your existing home to make it more energy efficient and can save you a LOT of money on your heating and cooling bills.

Whether you’re building your new office building or your new home, you want to be sure that it stays at the temperature that is most comfortable to you. It also needs to be cost-effective as well. Call us for help!

Need to see where your house is leaking precious cold air or heat? Call us today to have us do an energy audit on your home to see how you are losing your hard earned money out the window, walls, or ceiling!